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Wedding Security Kent

Sep 19, 2023

Wedding security is a crucial component of organising any wedding event since it guarantees the couple’s and guests’ safety and wellbeing as well as the celebration’s overall success. The following are some crucial factors to think about and advice for adopting wedding security

We provide high quality security services, carried out by fully trained, accredited, and insured security personnel who are experts in providing a range of manned, onsite, and mobile security protection services tailored to the needs of our clients in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Here are some important considerations and tips for implementing wedding security:

Risk Assessment: To discover potential security threats and weaknesses related to your wedding location and guest list, start by completing a risk assessment. Think about elements like the venue, the scope of the gathering, and any potentially tense interactions between attendees.

Professional Security: Professional security professionals may be required, depending on the size and details of your wedding.

Site Security: We verify that there are sufficient security precautions in place at the wedding site. This include securing entrances and exits, keeping an eye on visitor access, and having a strategy for handling unexpected visitors or gatecrashers.

Guests: Maintaining control over your guest list will help you prevent unauthorised admission. Track guests using RSVPs and guest lists, then give security officers this information.

Security for the parking lot: If your wedding location has a parking lot, think about taking security precautions to deter theft or vandalism. You might need to hire security guards to keep an eye on the parking lot or set up security cameras.

Alcohol management: If alcohol is provided, keep an eye on consumption to avoid binge drinking, which can result in disorderly behaviour. Bartenders with experience can assist in handling this element.

Emergency Plan In the event that unanticipated events—such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, or security breaches—occur. Make sure security personnel are aware of this plan and are prepared to help if necessary.

Contact is key, so make sure the wedding party, venue workers, and security professionals all have open lines of contact. In an emergency, everyone should know how to reach one another.

Unauthorised Objects or potential security threats from accessing the venue, consider introducing bag checks at the door.

Wedding Equipement: We will guard / look after any wedding securtity equipment required for your big day.

Although security precautions must be taken, keep in mind that the main objective is to make your wedding celebration joyous and festive. A great wedding day requires striking a balance between safety and a warm and joyful atmosphere.


Wedding Security Kent

Our Kent based manned guarding team of door supervisors and security guards are all Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed. We also ensure our professional k9 security dog handlers are trained and registered with The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). If you are hosting a Kent festival, please do not hesitate to contact us about our guarding services, which can be provided either on a permanent or temporary basis to suit your needs. For further information on our guarding and security services in Kent or to receive a no obligation quote, please get in touch

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