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Jul 18, 2023

Hiring a shop security guard can be a complex process, Kent K9 Guarding have qualified individuals who is capable of providing the necessary protection for your shop or premisis.

As a shop security guard services, our primary responsibility is to maintain the safety and security of the shop and its customers. Our key duties and responsibilities associated with this role:

  1. Surveillance: Kent K9 Guarding Monitor the shop premises using CCTV cameras or by patrolling on foot to detect any suspicious activities or potential threats.
  2. Preventing Theft and Shoplifting: Kent K9 Guarding keep an eye on customers to deter shoplifting and theft. If you notice any suspicious behaviour, approach the individual calmly and professionally while following the shop’s security protocols.
  3. Customer Assistance: Kent K9 Guarding provide assistance to customers when needed, such as directing them to specific aisles or helping with general inquiries.
  4. Emergency Response: Kent K9 Guarding are prepared to handle emergencies such as accidents, medical situations, or fire incidents. Know the shop’s emergency protocols and act promptly to ensure the safety of everyone present.
  5. Access Control: Kent K9 Guarding control access to restricted areas, especially during non-business hours, to prevent unauthorised entry.
  6. Crowd Control: During busy periods or special events, manage crowds (event security services) to maintain order and prevent any potential security issues.
  7. Conflict Resolution: Kent K9 Guarding will Intervene in disputes or conflicts between customers, employees, or anyone on the premises, using effective communication and de-escalation techniques.
  8. Reporting Incidents: Kent K9 Guarding document any incidents or security breaches, creating detailed reports for management or law enforcement if required.
  9. Working with Law Enforcement: We cooperate with law enforcement agencies in case of serious incidents, providing them with necessary information or footage if available.
  10. Training and Drills: Kent K9 Guarding stay updated with the latest security protocols and undergo training sessions to enhance your skills in handling various security situations.
  11. Alarm Systems: Kent K9 Guarding will be made familiar with the shop’s alarm systems and respond promptly if an alarm is triggered.
  12. Patrol and Inspection: Kent K9 Guarding regularly inspect the premises to identify potential security weaknesses and promptly address them.
  13. Maintaining Order: Kent K9 Guarding ensure customers and employees adhere to shop rules and policies, promoting a safe and secure shopping environment.
  14. Customer Service: We offer a friendly and welcoming presence, making customers feel safe and comfortable while shopping.
  15. Safety Equipment: Kent K9 Guarding keep an eye on safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, ensuring they are in good condition and easily accessible if needed.

Remember, as a security guard (retail security), our behaviour should always be professional and courteous. You are the first line of defence in protecting the shop, its assets, and the people inside, and your presence can significantly contribute to a positive shopping experience for customers.

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