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Manned Guarding Services

Jul 3, 2023

Manned Guarding Services

Are you looking for manned guarding services in the UK?

Kent K9 Guarding provide a comprehensive range of specialist security services, including manned guarding personnel, dog handling security and guard dogs tailored to the needs of our UK clients.

K9 Guarding provide high quality manned guarding security services, carried out by fully trained, accredited, and insured security personnel who are experts in providing a range of manned, onsite, and mobile security protection services tailored to the needs of our UK clients. If you require manned guarding services, including onsite or off site security monitoring, or patrolling of your UK premises, our qualified, experienced, and accredited door supervisors security guards, and dog handlers, are at your disposal to help prevent personal injury, criminal damage, and property theft.

Kent K9 Security Guarding can provide manned mobile response units which will react and deploy as soon as your premises (commercial or retail security) alarm is activated. On arrival, they will complete a full perimeter search of your premises to find and detain the intruder until the police arrive.

Kent K9 Guarding Manned Guarding Services Accreditations

Our manned guarding team of door supervisors and security guards are all Security Industry Authority (SIA)licensed. We also ensure our professional dog handlers are trained and registered with The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU).

We are members of the NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) and are Safe Contractor approved to give you peace of mind when we prove you with our security services. K9 Guarding are committed to delivering an outstanding service, ensuring a close relationship which meets all of our client’s requirements. Contact us today for a quotation on all types of security services including security guard services, manned guarding services, manned guarding London., Event Security.

About our K9 Security Security Dogs

Our K9 security officers are experts (with a High school diploma.) in working dog and guard dogs security dogs for all your security needs.The mere presence and professionally trained detection dogs by our security officer will give you protection and safety to your property, event or any of our handler protection security.
Our security guard dogs are german shepherds guard dogs accompanied by our security officer.
These are working dogs to ensure public safety with the ability to deter and protect. Our protection dogs can also prevent crimes and any type of criminal damage.

If you have a business or are hosting a UK events (event security), Retail security please do not hesitate to contact us about our manned guarding services, which can be provided either on a permanent or temporary basis to suit your needs. For further information on our manned guarding and security services or to receive a no obligation quote, please get in touch 

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