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CCTV Cameras

Jan 12, 2024

Kent K9 Guarding provide alarm and property security for your business. We monitor and protect void properties, construction sites and assets using various intruder detection systems. We provide a bespoke expert service.

Videosmart – is a wireless intruder alarm system with intergrated video verification. Upon activation of the PIR, Alarm receiving centre operators can generate an urgent response to genuine threats. We have boith indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility and a battery life of upto 4 years.

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AJAX – stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and science. If you are looking for a reliable protection for your business or home, something to keep safe from thieves, fires or leaks, AJAX should be your choice.

Reconeyez provide indoor security with artificial intelligence. Their systems combine AI, low-power communications and groundbreaking hardware into a simple and easy-to-operate surveillance system.

Kent K9 Guarding provide protection within 24/48 hours across the UK. we provide a variety of physical deterrents for use independently or, in conjunction with other security systems.

  • Concrete Barriers – A strong visual deterrent, Available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Heras Fencing – Available for purchase or hire, in a range of styles
  • Timber / Steel Hoarding – Ideal for creating a highly secure site boundry. Available in timber or steel.
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